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ST ViewScan 4 Microform Scanner with 18 Megapixel, USB 3.0 Image Sensor VSII-hand

Is available in Universal, Fiche-only, and 3M capable models.

ST Imaging’s ST ViewScan 4 microfilm scanner has changed the way that you will look at your microfilm collection! Utilizing an industry leading 18 megapixel color image sensor with USB 3.0 connection, the ST ViewScan 4 is capable of creating crisp and clear high resolution images from anything in your microfilm collection.

The ST ViewScan 4 is the fourth generation of ST ViewScan microfilm scanners and the fifth digital microfilm scanner released by ST Imaging since 2003. Building off each previous model the ST ViewScan 4 combines the ease of use and familiar functionality with a technologically advanced 18 megapixel image sensor with a modern USB 3.0 Superspeed interface.

Another significant advancement that ST Imaging’s ST ViewScan 4 includes is full color microfilm scanning. While limited, color microfilm and microfiche does exist. In addition, the ST ViewScan 4 also creates fantastic images from 35mm color slides or 35mm color negative film strips (YES they can be viewed as positive images on-screen!). The color scanning capability of the ST ViewScan 4 makes it a favorable multi-functional tool for most institutions.

In addition to roll film, the ST ViewScan 4 is also the best scanner for your fiche, microfiche, ultrafiche scanning needs. With the largest viewing area of any scanner on the market the ST ViewScan 4 is also ideal for micro records that are not on roll film.

Once the image is identified it can be easily captured and shared any number of ways, in multiple resolutions and when necessary in multiple formats; all without being forced to rescan the image. Included are the familiar print mode, saving to a USB drive (with a port located on the front of the ST ViewScan 4 (which allow you to place the PC safely underneath of the desk top), the optional ST Premium/PerfectView Software includes: e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, OCLC interlibrary loan, and FamilySearch as well as the standard print or save to disk features. Use of any of these destinations is a simple matter of clicking the File tab, selecting the destination and format, then either logging in if necessary, entering an email address, or simply clicking on the print icon (or the print preview icon if desired prior to actually printing). There is no need to search and attach files located somewhere on the PC.  They are all presented and easily selectable as thumbnails from within the St Premium/PerfectView Software. There also is no need to periodically purge images that have been automatically saved to the hard drive.


The ST ViewScan 4 Premium/PerfectView Software allows you to annotate the image by adding notes, highlighting key areas, or redacting information in addition to many more markup functions. The annotations are saved to a separate image from the scan which allows you to keep an unmarked original scan and a print or scan of an annotated scan. Another feature of Premium/PerfectView software is Clip Merge which allows placement of multiple scans onto one page (not just to one file) and make them whatever size is appropriate. That merged image can also be printed or saved without modifying the original scans.

The ST ViewScan 4 has the largest, unobstructed optical viewing area of any microform scanner and the indicator light centered on the image sensor makes it intuitive to tell where the image sensor is in relation to the film. The viewing area is so large that the ST ViewScan 4 microfiche scanner is the only digital microfiche scanner available today that is able to scan jumbofiche.

For the budget conscious or smaller institutions

On occasion a previous version of an ST ViewScan Microform Scanner may become available. These scanners are fully reconditioned and are sold as if they were new with the same warranty and optional features. If you are in need of a lower cost solution for microform access, please let us know how often your microforms are accessed, what type they are, and that you’d like to consider an alternative to the ViewScan 4.


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