Additional Info

ST ViewScan Premium/PerfectView Software

In addition to the standard save and print functions, ST ViewScan optional Premium/PerfectView software includes direct connections to:Where to

  • FamilySearch
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Email
  • OCLC interlibrary loan Illiad/Odyssey

Simply by clicking on the FILE tab, selecting the appropriate icon, and then either logging in to an account or entering an email address. There is no need to save a scan to the hard drive and then open another application, browse to the saved scan and then send it. An additional benefit is that any scan can be sent/saved/printed at any resolution or in any format without having to make a new scan. All scans are saved in a temporary folder so there is no need to periodically delete scans from previous ViewScan users.

ST ViewScan Premium/PerfectView Software

The ST ViewScan system includes the best hardware and newest and best software solution:

  • Intuitive Windows Desktop Application Look and Feel for ease of use
  • Unique and Secure Admin Control
  • Exclusively offering the convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, reviewing without leaving the application after capture, and before saving or printing output.
  • High-quality imaging with no pixilation while redrawing pages
  • Fastest capture speed (300 dpi or more in less than a second)
  • Enhanced viewing that eliminates viewing negative images, scratches and dust
  • Unmatched power and ease of use:
    • Fast browsing
    • Total zoom range 7x to 105x, optical zoom range 7x to 30x
    • Scissor Cut™ enhanced cropping and template masking features
    • Auto Enhanced saving
    • At-a-Glance thumbnails of captured images
    • Easy and versatile file management
    • ICIR®(Immediate Captured Image Review)
    • Secure Public and Private Email and Google Drive
    • Remote Film Accessenabled
    • Optional Cruise Control Automated Scanning